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The power of collaboration, the certainty of expertise

Your partner in digital services

PLTFRM solves digitalization issues with modern methods. We relieve organizations of their worries by designing solutions, selecting the best service providers and directing the resulting project. If organizations do not have the knowledge or capacity to successfully complete their digital projects, the projects will succeed through collaboration with PLTFRM and its partners.

By combining multiple service providers from the PLTFRM network in a digital services ecosystem, every issue is solved by experts who best suit you and your organization. Under the direction of PLTFRM you have the guarantee that the projects are managed by project leaders who know the nuances and the service providers so well that pitfalls are avoided. The scope of the project is monitored, costs are kept under control and progress is clearly reported. Because PLTFRM is involved from start to finish, the promises made in the design phase are achieved in the delivery phase.

PLTFRM was founded to provide independent project management, everything is aimed at realizing successful collaborations between like-minded customers and service providers. PLTFRM directs the collaboration with modern technology and best practices developed together with research institutes. The PLTFRM community is selected based on strict requirements and is used to working in ecosystems. Successful digitalization therefore becomes accessible to everyone, regardless of the knowledge level of your own organization or the capacity available. Especially now, while digital transformations are developing rapidly and becoming increasingly complex, innovative digital strategy and innovation is accessible with PLTFRM. We call that the democratization of digitalization.


The power of ecosystems

In a changing IT sector, PLTFRM signals a significant shift towards ecosystem-based collaborations. While the concept of working within IT ecosystems is widely discussed in the industry, organizations still rely on traditional technology and delivery models far outweigh the majority. PLTFRM has developed a concrete model that translates theory into practice. With this model, organizations can start today to effectively form and direct their own digital ecosystem, giving them a lead in the market and being able to respond much faster to the opportunities of tomorrow.

Organizations are organizing themselves more and more flexibly. By allowing business units to collaborate flexibly as components in a changing composition, an organization is better at responding to opportunities and mitigating challenges. With digital ecosystems, organizations continue this trend in supplier management. Its own ecosystem is actively managed and is in line with the changing goals of the organization and customer wishes. PLTFRM offers all the knowledge, technology and service providers that organizations need to embrace this modern approach to organizing. By using our best practices, self-developed portals and directors, you can achieve business goals faster, say goodbye to outdated systems and innovate at lightning speed.


Our services are supported by a carefully selected network of 100+ partners who distinguish themselves in specific IT expertise. PLTFRM uses this collection of specialized knowledge to make projects successful without requiring this knowledge in your organization. We select these partners for an assignment based on, among other things, expertise, technology, location, size, culture, quality and price. These specialized organizations are not only leaders in their field, but are also experienced in working effectively with partners within projects. Organizations that are truly experts in their field innovate faster, attract better staff, are passionate and are more fun to work with. After a careful assessment of the IT issue, PLTFRM chooses the right partners who carry out the project collectively, under the leadership and responsibility of PLTFRM.PLTFRM orchestrates your ecosystem. This ensures that all parties adhere to the agreements and that the collaboration remains successful. Communication, factual success criteria, and service management are facilitated via the orchestration portal MyPLTFRM. This ensures quality and guarantees that you will benefit from successful IT managed services.


PLTFRM's technology platform is the central system within the service provision, essential for recording and monitoring agreements and KPIs. It provides an integrated environment for communication, document management and contacts, and is crucial for real-time adjustment and improvement of ecosystem performance based on data. Because PLTFRM builds this solution itself, organizations can collaborate easily and efficiently, regardless of the platforms (Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Slack or Atlassian) they use. Within MyPLTFRM, the ecosystem's communications, agreements and planning are stored so that they are transparent and insightful for all parties involved. All this ensures structured collaboration based on facts, with constant control over the project.


The directors of PLTFRM guarantee the success of the projects. By impartially representing the interests of the project and the assignment, the director is a trusted discussion partner for both customer and partner. It is ensured that agreements are fulfilled on both sides of the table, and that the result of the ecosystem is in balance with the resources invested. By relieving the customer organization of the management burden, there is focus on the end result and the validation of the solution within the business processes for which it is intended. The PLTFRM directors oversee the strategic objectives, operational implementation and tactical coordination within the ecosystem.

PLTFRM offers a pragmatic and future-proof approach to outsourcing digital issues, allowing them to confidently move towards an ecosystem-oriented working method. This enables organizations to be successful with the digital projects that are essential to the organization in a constantly changing market with a very tight labour market.