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Customers are looking for your expertise, offer your services now through PLTFRM!

PLTFRM, the platform for IT managed services, brings together all knowledge and expertise for the customer.

What is the value of PLTFRM for partners?


Expert network

Deliver your service, along with other experts, to customers looking for high-quality services.


Unique way of matching

A new sales channel where standardised managed services are matched to business questions from customers.


Ecosystem formation

PLTFRM directs the collaboration and simplifies the contract phase. The cooperation that arises is reliably organized in the event of setbacks.


PLTFRM directs the ecosystem

PLTFRM directs the ecosystem so that the balance is guaranteed and you, as a partner, can deliver the highest possible quality.

Partners speaking

Gele Pijl

Tjibbe Vissers - Yellow Arrow, customer success manager:

"A special location in the heart of Utrecht with trendy people without a business 'uniform'. The ideas are bouncing off the walls and the only limitation is the number of hours in a day."


Bart Janssen - Goodzo, Manager Change & Operations:

“The corporate culture at PLTFRM is exceptionally collaborative, with a strong focus on creating value by connecting IT partners, customers, and end users.”


Marcel Aldewereld - KBenP, Commercial Director:

“I experience the company culture at PLTFRM as pleasant, professional and honest towards each other”

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How does PLTFRM ensure the success of the collaboration?

  • PLTFRM opens up a network of specialized partners and advises the service provider that best suits the organization in every area, taking into account culture, technology, location, maturity and size, among other things. The customers we bring you into contact with are therefore always a match that results in a pleasant working method.
  • With PLTFRM as contract owner, you are assured of a transparent and standardised contract.
  • By measuring the services and KPIs of customers and sharing this data transparently within the ecosystem, collaboration becomes factual.
  • PLTFRM is independent and focuses on the results of the ecosystem.
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The director portal MyPLTFRM

How does MyPLTFRM work for partners?

  1. 24/7 insight into project progress
  2. Factual control based on KPIs
  3. One central place for communication and updates

Frequently Asked

How do I become a partner of PLTFRM?

We are looking for partners who share our ambition to enrich the IT world through collaboration in ecosystems, with an emphasis on quality and transparency. Do you share the same vision? We can get in touch with each other by completing the contact form or calling tel: +31308779910.

Can a partner work with PLTFRM on multiple projects?

Yes, we value long-term partnerships and encourage partners to remain involved in multiple projects. The continuity of collaboration allows us to build deeper relationships, learn better from each other's expertise, and achieve more significant results together.

How does PLTFRM ensure transparency and communication during collaborative projects?

Transparency and open communication are the cornerstones of our collaborative projects. We provide regular updates and have structured check-ins throughout the project. In addition, we provide access to a project management platform where all parties involved can share documentation, track progress and communicate quickly. Our goal is to create an environment of mutual trust and respect, where feedback is welcomed and used to improve processes and results.