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How does PLTFRM work?

With PLTFRM as an extension of your organisation, you achieve an optimal result

Always have access to a continuously growing network of specialized IT service providers delivering high quality

PLTFRM continuously searches the market for new service providers and looks at the services that these organizations provide best. Finding a supplier you don't know is practically impossible due to the rise of digital marketing. In addition, it is important that you purchase services from an organization that is innovative and has extensive experience with technology. This way you are not ahead of the market and your project is not immediately outdated upon completion. So there are many considerations when choosing the right partners for your digital transformation.

PLTFRM helps organizations determine the project approach, strategy and solution so that it fits in well with market developments. We then select the partners from our network who provide these services and fit the culture of your organization. Because we do not provide any services ourselves, we can make this choice completely independently. If we do not have a suitable partner in the community, we look outside it and connect these partners. In this way, our network grows with organizations that we know well and products that are currently interesting.

All existing and new partners are checked for quality through substantive, functional and financial onboarding. Because we direct all projects that PLTFRM delivers, we also know exactly what our partners are good at and which matches work best. Because PLTFRM concludes contracts with partners, we are successful in managing the projects in the broadest sense. After all, project success already arises from the initiation of the project.

In 4 steps to success

Step 1 - assessment & design

Share your digitisation need


PLTFRM assesses your challenge and designs the solution with the market knowledge of our community.

Step 2 - select & match

We select the right digital services

PLTFRM matches you with our carefully, evaluated expert service providers based on references, culture, technology, and size.

Step 3 - prepare & form ecosystem

We form the ecosystem.


PLTFRM ensures that the technical preparations are completed and the project planning, the KPIs and the agreement framework are established.

Step 4 - orchestrate ecosystem

We direct the project

PLTFRM ensures optimal collaboration within the ecosystem with the control portal MyPLTFRM and skilled directors.

The director portal MyPLTFRM

PLTFRM directs IT projects, that is our own expertise. We develop this knowledge every day in our projects and we research it together with Utrecht University of Applied Sciences and Nyenrode University. In addition to best practices, it is important that our directors can work as effectively as possible with our customers and partners. After all, a large part of that involves people working. To ensure that all project details are arranged and transparent to everyone, we have developed our own ecosystem and project management solution, called MyPLTFRM. Specific for collaboration in projects with multiple organizations.

The solution is online and monitors the three components where most projects fail: Scope, Communication and Progress. Within MyPLTFRM, organizations can administer multiple projects in which they are working. It doesn't matter whether it is management, an agile/scrum project or a PRINCE2 project. Chats, contact details and notifications are available for communication. The documents for the collaboration with PLTFRM can be found here.

In order to manage projects successfully, a shared reality is needed based on facts so that if the project is going poorly it is clear whether the agreed goals are being achieved. This applies to smaller projects with one supplier and even more so in projects with multiple companies that have different interests. That is why project objectives are agreed that are measured with KPIs, and then KPIs are also agreed with each partner. These are always visible in MyPLTFRM, so there is always a factual quality framework to fall back on. It also helps PLTFRM to proactively monitor all projects and intervene before the project fails.

Finally, every project has a schedule, at PLTFRM we either use a backlog when it comes to more agile projects or a GANTT chart when it comes to more traditional collaboration. By making this transparent and available to all parties involved via MyPLTFRM, everyone knows how the ecosystem has progressed. This way, progress is visible at all times and proactive contributions are possible.

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Collaboration is in our DNA.

PLTFRM was founded to give everyone access to successful digitalization. The IT market is changing rapidly and there is a lot of scarcity. This means that there are excesses in the market where quality leaves much to be desired and that some organizations do not have the right knowledge. In addition, more and more technological solutions are emerging that try to make the market more transparent and new solutions are quickly developed for new challenges or automation is used to deal with scarcity. The only way to navigate this market is by working together. Collaboration to have the right knowledge, add exactly the knowledge that is missing in your organization and deploy the technological solutions that make sense for your business model.

This means that there is no longer a catch-all solution or service. It doesn't matter what you call it: a broader supplier portfolio, an ecosystem or a component-based business model. It all comes down to the same thing; organizations work together with multiple companies, often on an increasingly smaller scale, in order to have the most effective solution. Making these collaborations successful is PLTFRM's expertise. We have generic knowledge of all IT, and rely on our community of partner companies for expertise. These organizations again rely on PLTFRM to find customers who fit well with the proposition of these suppliers. New processes, best practices and technology have subsequently been developed to enable us to collaborate with more organizations without additional overhead. PLTFRM does not have any delivery teams itself and therefore does nothing other than collaborate, it is in our DNA because this has always been our model. We started as a startup to direct collaborations, which makes us independent and allows us to represent the interests of customers and suppliers, so that IT projects of all scales with PLTFRM succeed.